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Jul 31 2019

The great toy rescue by Yvette Poshoglian

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Illus. by Phil Judd. Puppy Diary 1. Scholastic, 2019, ISBN: 9781760662936.
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Dogs, Diaries. Yvette Poshoglian author of the popular Ella and Olivia books introduces us to Archie a fun-loving puppy in her new Puppy Diary series. Drawing inspiration from her own puppy Archie and his antics and activities she writes The Great Toy Rescue from the dog's point of view. No mention of how he actually writes, records or captures his thoughts is given!
Archie is a schnoodle, a schnauzer poodle mix, and he has five very important jobs, waking his Mum, protecting her from the vacuum, licking up leftovers, barking at the postman and keeping the apartment cat free. His pawfect morning includes gobbling his food and practicing downward dog yoga stretches. Chosen from a litter of puppies when he was ten weeks old was so exciting.
A new adventure begins when his Mum drops him off at Pup's Playground Doggy Daycare. First Archie is a little anxious at meeting the other dogs. Oscar the circus pug is a rolling ball of energy. Information cards introduce each one, Tiny is a Great Dane who enjoys digging and Yip and Yap are playful Maltese terriers. Archie enjoys playing with his new friends, until Felix the large ginger tabby appears on top of the next-door fence. When each of the dogs discover their special toys are missing, it is time to investigate.
Yvette Poshoglian adds fun and excitement, she appreciates the dogs' reactions to pigeons in the park, dog walking and their love of treats. Phil Judd's entertaining black and white illustrations bring a warmth and liveliness to Archie and his dog friends. Bold letters, easy to read text, notes and cards stuck into the diary make this an engaging junior novel. The Great Toy Rescue is just right for early fluent readers from ages six to eight.
Rhyllis Bignell

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