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May 26 2009

The accidental sorcerer by K.E. Mills

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HarperVoyager 2008.
(Age 13+) Book 1 of a new series, Rogue Agent, this is an engaging fast moving read. This certainly fits into the fantasy category, as it does contain magic but this is not the only driving feature of the characters; it is mixing with the detective genre as well.
The accidents and troubles that Gerald Dunwoody and his offsider, an enchanted, bossy, female parrot, encounter and deal are plausible, given that they live in a magical world. You have the requisite bad king and those trying to work around him to look after his kingdom.
Characters, both good and bad are fleshed out nicely without the entire history being explored in minute detail. There are a number of twists so it's not just the usual hero, or his offsider, falling in love with the heroine by the end of the tale which means you want to keep reading; it's not what you expect all the time.
K. E. Mills is an Australian author. This is a gripping read; I didn't want to put it down.
Liz Eckert

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