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Jan 08 2009

Fred the croc by Matt Zurbo and Sarah Dunk

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Hachette, 2008. ISBN 976-734410856
(Ages 5 -7) Fred, the show-off crocodile, decides that the attention from his adoring tourist audience who throw him peanuts and dead chooks isn't enough, so he snaps up two of them, leaving only a camera and a cap. The picture in the camera is developed and Fred is an instant success, with a TV spot, sports nights and ads. Eventually he becomes old news. What can he do to get back into the limelight?
The story flows along with plenty of zip to captivate a young audience who will delight in the evil antics of Fred and his many ways of getting attention. They will also appreciate the underlying theme of fame, how fickle it can be and what some people will do to achieve it.
Children will delight in the bright and colourful illustrations in this book, particularly the pictures of Fred's open mouth as he goes to chomp on his victims.
This is a great read aloud book. It is a lot of fun to listen to and look at, and has the added advantage of a theme to make young minds think.
Pat Pledger

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