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Sep 01 2008

Captain Congo and the Crocodile King by Ruth Starke and Greg Holfeld

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Working Title Press, 2008. ISBN 97818762889 4 Hb.
(Age 9-15) A graphic novel for all ages, Captain Congo is written in the style of many comics that I read as a child, full of adventure set in a tropical land, with awesome recognizable heroes and just as recognizable deliciously bad baddies. Visual jokes abound.

From the moment Captain Congo and his side kick, Pug, step on board the ship, Juba Queen, destined for Addis Ababa in Abyssinia, the readers are in for a treat. An anthropologist searching for the treasure of the Queen of Sheba has gone missing and his retrieval is in the hands of Captain Congo and Pug. From scorpions hidden in their bunks on board ship, to their dinner being poisoned, to the crocodile which harries them, the whole book is full of fun and adventure.

When Captain Congo and Pug find Professor Perky, he is about to be thrown into the river to appease the crocodiles which are taking away villagers. Captain Congo saves the day and as the villagers believe it is Perky who has saved them from the crocodiles, he is made a king. It is now up to Captain Congo to find the treasure.

A great read for middle primary to lower secondary, this graphic novel is sure to please, and like all good books, will have kids wanting more.
Fran Knight

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