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xxxHolic by Clamp

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Translated and adapted by Anthony Gerard, Tanoshimi, Great Britain, 2006
ISBN 978 0 099 50407 8
(Lower secondary) Clamp, a group of 4 women who are Manga artists, is producing three Manga series of books in Japan, Tsubasa, xxxHolic and Gohou Drug. These comic books are widely popular in Japan, and are appearing in the western world to great acclaim.
xxxHolic, volume 1 introduces the hero, Watanuki Kimihira, who unwittingly falls under the spell of a witch, Yoku. She grants people wishes and in return they give her their soul.
Working in her shop he sees the array of people willing to use her services and following one such young woman, finds that she becomes more and more like a statue, as her body seizes up, until she stops in front of a truck, unable to move.
The book sized comics are entertaining and richly illustrated. I was intrigued with the perspective of the drawings and the story line. The comics introduce a tradition new to the west and will be lapped up by the target audience, the lower secondary students.
Fran Knight


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