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30 Australian sports legends by Loretta Bernard and Gregory Rogers

cover image Random House, 2008. ISBN 978174166286 3
(Age 10+) In 30 short chapters, Loretta Bernard gives bite sixed chunks of information about sports and their participants in Australia. Supported by a sound index with an easily read contents page and illustrations by Gregory Rogers, the book will find a place in primary libraries where students will want to read about sports and sportsmen and women, either for class work or leisure.
Each chapter gives a potted history fo the sport at hand. In the chapter on hockey, for example, is a paragraph detailing where Australian hockey stands in the world, followed by a summary of their success at the Olympic Games. Several paragraphs outlining specific hockey players then follow, and the chapter is finished off with snippets of information which younger readers would find interesting.
With chapters on AFL, hockey, paralympics, speed skating and sailing, there is enough information for most students. Whether they be reading for information or just using the book at home to dip in for interest, the book will please many.
Fran Knight


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