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Antony, Steve Queen's hat
Cole, Stephen Aztec code
Colfer, Chris Grimm warning
Cosgrove, Matt My dad is a robot
Cottrell Boyce, Frank ill. Steven Lenton Astounding Broccoli Boy
Crossley-Holland, Kevin Ill. Ray, Jane Heartsong
Daugherty, C.J Secret fire
David, Keren Stranger
De Kantzow, Megan Ill Smith, Craig Just you wait!
Dumbleton, Mike Granny O'Brien and the diamonds of Selmore
Durant, Alan Blood
Ellis, Deborah Parvana's promise
Forsyth, Kate Dancing on knives
Forward, Toby Wolf's story : what really happened to Little Red Riding Hood
Freedman, Claire Ill. Hendra, Sue Dragon Jelly
French, Jackie Tomorrow book
George, Elizabeth Edge of nowhere
Greenberg, Nicki Naughtiest reindeer goes south
Greenwood, Mark Lessac, Frane Midnight
Griffin, Matt Cage of roots
Higashida, Naoki Reason I jump : the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism
Hope, Charles Book of Australian animals
Impey, Rose Hothouse flower
Jaye, Penny Out of the cages
Johnson, Catherine Dying game
Jones, Pip Ill. Okstad, Ella K. Squishy McFluff the invisible cat meets mad Nana Dot
Kelly, Deborah Blair, Karen Me and you
Kemp, Gene No way out
Knudsen, Michelle Dragon of Trelian
Lawrence, Michael Kid swap
Litchfield, Carla Chimpanzee book : apes like us
MacIver, Juliette Little witch
Maihack, Mike Target practice
Moon, Pat Barking mad
Nielsen, Jennifer A. False prince
Oates, Joyce Carol Freaky Green Eyes
Outhwaite, Ida Rentoul Little fairy sister
Pagliarulo, Antonio On the avenue
Peters, Julie Anne By the time you read this, I'll be dead
Pisani, Elizabeth Indonesia etc, : exploring the improbable nation
Pitt, Turia Everything to live for
Quinn, K.A.S. Queen must die
Roy, James Problem child
Segel, Jason Miller, Kirsten Nightmares
Smith, Ali Accidental
Ward, Helen Town mouse and the country mouse
Weir, Arabella Rise and rise of Tabitha Baird
Williams, Marcia Lizzy Bennet's diary 1811-1812
Wolf, Allan Watch that ends the night : voices from the Titanic
Yoon, Salina Penguin and pumpkin
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