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FILM Prairie home companion
Badger, Meredith Very good idea
Brallier, Max, illus Stephen Reed BMO's day out
Branford, Anna Ill.Catchlove, Linda Lilli-Pilli's sister
Burgan, Michael Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Burne, Cristy Ill. Siku Monster matsuri
Cassidy, Anne Guilt trip
Chichester Clark, Emma No more teasing!
Cleverly, Sophie Lost twin
Cole, Babette Truelove
Corderoy, Tracey I want my mummy
Daykin, Chloe Fish boy
Finlay, Lizzie Dandylion
FitzSimons, Peter Kokoda
Flora, James Kangaroo for Christmas
Flynn, Pat Best ballgirl
Gravett, Emily Cyril and Pat
Hall, Leanne This is Shyness
Hamid, Mohsin Reluctant fundamentalist
Harvey, Jacqueline Clementine Rose and the treasure box
Hobbs, Leigh Mr Chicken lands on London
Howarth, Kylie Fish jam
James, Syrie Secret diaries of Charlotte Bronte
Jarman, Julia Lovely old lion
Jennings, Paul Nest
Jinks, Catherine Paradise trap
Johnson, Catherine Face Value
Johnston, Nicky Worst pain in the world
Kagawa, Julie Eternity cure
Kelly, Helen Double trouble
Keneally, Thomas Crimes of the father
McCartney, Tania Riley and the jumpy kangaroo : a journey around Canberra
McDowell, Beck This is not a drill
Melling, David Funny bunnies : up or down
Meredith, Courtney Sina Secret world of butterflies
Moon, Sarah Sparrow
Moore, Clement C. Night before Christmas : a brick story
Myers, Walter Dean Slam!
Northrop, Michael Surrounded by sharks
Ogilvy, Ian Measle and the dragodon
Priestley, Chris Anything that isn't this
Reeve, Rosie Rory and the monstersitter
Reilly, Matthew Hell island
Smith, Annabel Whisky Charlie foxtrot
Stewart, Paul Ill. Riddell, Chris Returner's wealth
Stimpson, Colin Jack and the baked beanstalk
Tozer, Gabrielle Intern
Van Draanen, Wendelin Running dream
Williams, Marcia Mr William Shakespeare's plays
Wilson, Jacqueline Candyfloss
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