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Brand, Jack Champ or chicken
Brian, Janeen Oddball
Britt, Fanny Arsenault, Isabelle Jane, the fox and me
Carey, Edward Heap House
Carrington, Jim Inside my head
Chambers, Aidan Present takers
Chambers, John Granny Samurai, the Monkey King and I
Crew, Gary Cuckoo
Darlison, Aleesah I dare you
Davies, Stephen Blood and ink
Davis, Galvin Scott Dandelion
DiCamillo, Kate Tiger rising
Docherty, Jimmy Ice-cream con
Donaldson, Julia lll. Cobb, Rebecca Everywhere Bear
Doyle, Malachy Run, Jimmy, run
Ferris, Fleur Found
Fisher, Catherine Door in the moon
Foti, Rina A. Atze, Dave Cat spies mouse
Gardner, Felicity My grumpy day
Gardner, Scot Happy as Larry
Gray, Kes ill. Wildish, Lee Leave me alone
Hulme, Celeste Little Red Riding Hood
Jarman, Julia Hangman
Johnson, Catherine Cuts deep
Kang, Lydia Control
Katz, Danny S.C.U.M.
Keene, Carolyn Identity theft
Kloester, Jennifer Rapunzel dilemma
Krauth, Kirsten Just_a_girl
Lawson, Sue After
Mac, Carrie Beckoners
Mann, Jennifer Ann Sunny Sweet is so not sorry
Marillier, Juliet Tower of thorns
Medina, Meg Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass
Mitchison, Amanda Crog
Moloney, James Last horse race 1844 : do you dare?
Ness, Patrick Rest of us just live here
O'Neill, Alexis Recess Queen
Packham, Simon Comin 2 gt u
Peters, Julie Anne By the time you read this, I'll be dead
Prue, Sally Devil's toenail
Rubbino, Salvatore Walk in Paris
Schwarz, Viviane Animals with Tiny Cat
Stead, Rebecca Liar and spy
Turnbull, Samantha Grace's dance disaster
Virgil Aeneid
Wilson, Jacqueline Bad girls
Wilson, Jacqueline Monster eyeballs
Wright, Rachel You've got blackmail
Yee, Lisa Warp speed
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