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May 13 2015

Value of School Libraries

ASLA Futures paper FINAL - 2013-ASLA-futures-paper
This 2013 report, and 'call to action by key authorities', from the Australian School Library Association, says teacher librarians and school libraries have a pivotal role to play in 21st century education. The paper has an overview of:
International and national trends that impact on all aspects of education
The impact of digital technologies and the role of teacher librarians in the implementation of digital literacy
The changing learning environment and how school libraries can support student learning
The role teacher librarians can play within an education that builds capacity for student and staff learning.

BCTF School Libraries
The British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF). The following studies and articles highlight the strong link between school libraries, teacher-librarians, and student achievement, and statistically show the decline in school libraries and teacher-librarians.

Communicating the Value of School Libraries - Home -- Library - Media Center - LibGuides at Lindenwold High School
The LindenWold High School Library - Media Center has provided links and brief summaries about research into the value of school libraries in supporting student learning.

Curriculum & Leadership Journal | School libraries and teacher-librarians: evidence of their contribution to student literacy and learning,36453.html?issueID=12777
2013, Dr Hilary Hughes contends that international research provides compelling evidence that school libraries and teacher-librarians make a significant contribution to student literacy and learning outcomes. After summarising previous research, this article presents recent research focused on Gold Coast schools.

New The Value of School Libraries - Stephen's Lighthouse
This post by Stephen Abram (2010) is about the value of School Libraries and includes a list of links.

School libraries 21c_report
Lyn Hay and Dr Ross Todd (2010) - Report of the School Libraries 21C online discussion, commissioned by School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit, Curriculum K-12 Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Training. Provides analysis of findings from the survey and highlights the essential work of the teacher librarian in a school library of the future and need for evidence based research on key impacts on student learning.

School Libraries Impact Studies - Library Research Service
The School Libraries section of the 2014 State of America's Libraries Report from the American Library Association highlights the key role of school librarians in collaboration with other educators to improve literacy, increased cost effectiveness and greater access, an advocacy program because school libraries are at a critical point, high relative decline in school librarian numbers, and the new definition of school library spaces.

School libraries | CILIP
School librarians help children and young people navigate the information world, improving their information literacy skills, and as a result, their life chances. They also make a vital contribution to teaching and learning.

School Libraries | News & Press Center
The School Libraries section of the 2013 State of America's Libraries Report from the American Library Association provides an update on the crisis facing school libraries and the decline in staffing of school librarians. Included in the report are statistics from the "School Libraries Count!" survey regarding connectivity, technology and Internet filtering in school libraries.

School Library Monthly - The True Value of the Work We Do 
Carol L. Tilley,  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2011) 'The true value of the work we do is helping kids and the community become more successful.'

SCIS | Gold Coast study links school libraries and teacher librarians to literacy
Dr Hilary Hughes findings from a 2012 study into school libraries and teacher librarians on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and their positive impact on learning and literacy.