Two rabbits by Larissa Ferenchuk. Illus. by Prue Pittock

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On a dark rainy night, in a cold wet field, Little Grey Rabbit and Little Brown Rabbit had an argument, their words carried away on the wind. And as you do when you have had an argument, each stormed off - Little Grey Rabbit into the street towards her home, and Little Brown Rabbit into the lane towards hers... Will they be able to come back together and find a way to save their friendship?

Using a clever textual technique where the actions and thoughts of each are mirrored in the text, this is a charming story for little ones who are still feeling their way with forming friendships beyond the family and learning that you can still be friends even if you disagree on some things. Yes, there is anger and sadness and even loneliness, but these become reasons to mend the friendship rather than destroying it. Apologising is being smart and grown up, not a weakness, and with the reason for the original argument not disclosed, the focus is on those feelings and the coming together again.

The endpapers are interesting - see if the child can spot the difference - and they will have fun spotting places and tracing journeys of the map.

One that is perfect to add to the collection exploring how to make and maintain friendships, particularly in those early months of school.

Themes: Anger, Rabbits, Friendship.

Barbara Braxton