My Young Readers Library

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This brightly coloured and visually appealing set of 20 readers for young children will provide home and/or individual support for children who are continuing to master the skills of reading. With a range of diverse characters and settings as well as a variety of entertaining storylines, these readers will support and meet many of the needs of young readers.

The 20 readers are coded into five levelled colours with the earlier levels having five readers each and the final two levels having three readers. Each band gives a description of the ability level:

1.       Turquoise Book band – Engaging, phonically-decodable stories
2.       Purple Book Band – More complex stories for understanding
3.       Gold Book band – Longer stories for reading stamina
4.       White Book Band – Challenging stories for reading confidence
5.       Lime Book Band – Stepping stones to longer chapter book

The stories and their accompanying vibrant illustrations include themes about everyday life, animals, friendship, families and problems. Each book begins with Tips for Grown Ups, Word Explorers which lists new, unfamiliar or groups of words plus a Thinking Ahead question. There is also QR code where you can listen to the audio of the story and teaching notes. On the back cover is some Fun Time activities which will support comprehension of the text.

Themes: Levelled Readers, Oxford Levels 7-11.

Kathryn Beilby