Mim and the vicious vendetta by Katrina Nannestad

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Mim and the Vicious Vendetta, written by the amazingly talented Katrina Nannestad and interspersed with some lovely black and white illustrations by Cheryl Orsini, will appeal to all ages. The fifth book in the enchanting series The Travelling Bookshop, this time taking readers on a wonderful journey to picturesque Venice.

Mim’s family and their menagerie of special pets are off again, travelling around in their magical caravan filled with wonderful books. Guided by the steady hooves of Flossie, their trusty Clydesdale horse, each destination is a place where stories yearn to be read, as problems beg for solutions.

A longstanding feud between two families, who have lived in Venice for generations, is causing much unrest and bad behaviour. Mim quickly discovers that individually, all the family members are actually kind and caring people, but whenever they are together this rift brings out the worst in each other.  

Mim is sure that the travelling bookshop’s delightful books will have something for them to read that will change their thinking and bring happiness back into their lives. However, Mim is concerned by the books her Dad keeps sharing. Will Mim’s Dad gift the right books to be read or will this feud be unable to be rectified?

Nannestad's narrative weaves a spellbinding tale, blending elements of fantasy, adventure, and heartfelt moments. Mim and her family, with their keen sense of empathy and intuition, serves as the beacon of hope for those in need. Sharing the joy of stories, bringing kindness, care, acceptance and of course the consequences that every action entail; this story has it all.

The right story at the right time has the power to illuminate our path forward, and Mim and the Vicious Vendetta is one of those right stories that will enchant readers of all ages. Nannestad has once again created another beautiful and captivating novel that will be a favourite for many.

Themes: Venice, Books, Stories, Actions and Consequences, Resolutions, Family, Kindness, Values, Acceptance.

Michelle O'Connell