Bunny and Bird: How to be invisible by Nick Bland

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The first in a new series of books called Bunny and Bird,  introduces the two main characters when they meet in the park. Bunny is wearing a hat and believes that he is invisible. He whispers Boo to Bird, because he does not want to scare him, believing he cannot be seen. Bird questions him about whispering when he can see him very well, and so follows a glorious conversation around Bunny’s being invisible.

He makes several poses and funny faces asking whether he can he seen, and of course he can. He is frustrated as he believes he is invisible, and tries various ways of showing Bird that he cannot be seen. So Bird offers to wear the hat to show his friend that he is not invisible. The two play a joke on each other about the hat, when Grandpa comes into view with a statement that turns all their conversations on their head.

Every reader will laugh out loud at the attempts by Bunny to get Bird not to see him, and laugh along with the animals as they try various means of persuading the other.

Kids may notice the various cloud shapes in the background, and if they do not notice while the book is being read, they will certainly read it again after the book is finished.

A wonderfully inventive, funny tale Bunny and Bird are wonderful friends, Bird wanting to help Bunny to see that the hat does not render him invisible, and Bunny not wanting to scare him too much thinking he cannot be seen. Warm hearted, the pair are are sensitive to each other’s feelings, and make fun of the hat together, laughing with enjoyment at the shared joke.

Lovely funny illustrations fill each page, emphasising the warm relationship between the two friends. Bird can see Bunny but tries hard not to deflate him, standing on his feet when Bunny does a hand stand, looking quizzically at him when he says boo. I love the hat stand at the start of the book, and the various cloud formations seen on the way through their journey.

Themes: Friendship, Invisibility, Bunny and Bird series, Humour.

Fran Knight