Amazing bodies by Dr Ronx. Illus. by Ashton Attz

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From the super skin that keeps your insides in to moving muscles to the waste products the body generates, this is a guide to the human body for young independent readers who want to know more about theirs.

With bright illustrations and easy to read text, each double spread offers basic facts about the various body parts and their functions so the reader can learn how they work and why each part is intimately connected to the well-being of the others.

This is a new series called Little Experts designed to introduce 6-9 year olds to the world around them by having experts in the field share their knowledge. While the experts themselves are mainly UK based and so their names are not as familiar here, nevertheless having titles about everyday things that our little ones are curious about and pitched at their level can only be a positive addition to non fiction collections.

Barbara Braxton