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In the city by Roland Harvey

cover image Allen &Unwin, 2007. ISBN 9781741144130
(Ages 5+) This book is highly recommended for the joy it gives its readers as they follow Frankie, Henry and Penny through the city on their holiday. Harvey takes us to many fascinating places including the city sewers, a museum where Ned Kelly's iron underpants are displayed, the market with its stinky fish, an aquarium, and a zoo. At the same time he shows the amazing diversity of life in the city through his amazing pictures.
By showing the city through the three children's eyes, Harvey is able to give a variety of opinions and interests that will appeal to different children. Frankie is obsessed with the aquarium and fish life, Henry's wry observations and humour are very enjoyable and Penny's checklist of zoo animals and collection of a baby taipan are delightful.
Harvey's witty and humourous prose and the enthralling illustrations will have both young and older readers returning again and again to pour over the intricate pictures and find new things on each page. The production of the book is great, with fascinating end papers and a double page spread for each person's observations of their visit and a lovely dedication to the author's mother.
This is a wonderful book to have near comfortable seats in the library, where readers can pick it up and find funny and fascinating new things each time they look. It is sure to bring children back into the library on repeat visits.
Pat Pledger


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