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Relax Max by Sally Grindley

cover image Orchard Books, 2007.
(Age 6-10) The third in the Max series of letters, Relax Max is fun and easy to read. In his letters to author, D.J. Lucas, Max pours out his troubles. His mother is infatuated with her boyfriend James and they are going to move in together. He has to leave his familiar bedroom to go to a new house and the prospect of a new brother or sister looms. D.J. Lucas has problems too, writer's block is holding up her new novel and Max tries to help her out.
Through a series of compelling and often funny and moving letters, Max gradually comes to grips with the changes in his life. At school he is learning all about poetry, and he expresses his feelings about what is happening to him through a number of sometimes funny, sometimes sad poems. These attempts at acrostics and haiku are a wonderful addition to his letters.
Sally Grindley has written a great story that will appeal to newly independent readers and would also be a humourous read aloud.
Pat Pledger


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