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Victor's quest by Pamela Freeman and Kim Gamble

cover image Walker Books, 2008.
ISBN 9781921150319
(Ages 7+) When Victor is sent on a quest by his mother, the queen, to find a princess to marry, Marigold the gardener gives him a series of small pots containing balms and ointments to use. Knowing that he is not too clever, she gives him strict instructions, and he finds on his quest, that they come in very handy indeed. He gives the wounded bat some salve for its wounds; the blind eagle is given some sight restoring balm, while the witch with the calloused and rough hands is given some rosemary and glycerin to put her right.
Each body that he helps repays his kindness when he finds Valerian, trapped behind a garden full of overly large and ferocious chickens, keeping her captive. Although not a princess, Victor does save her and brings her back to the queendom to marry her, just as his mother instructed.
This delightful story was shortlisted for younger readers in the 1997 Children's Book Council of Australia awards, and has been republished by Walker Books, along with its sequel, Victor's challenge.
Fran Knight


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