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The Hunting Forest by Michael Coleman

cover image Orchard Books, 2007.
(11+) The third in the series about bears (The Bear Kingdom) where bears rule the earth and humans, the saps, are their slaves is no less exciting than the first, The Howling Tower. Mops, Benjamin and Spike have escaped their captors and are headed to Hide Park, a place renowned as a safe and secure sanctuary for humans. Once they get there, surviving all sorts of hardship and avoiding capture, they are surprised when the bears bring more humans to its doors, as well as food and water. What is going on?

They find their way to Inspector Dictatum's winter lodge and there, seeing the bloody and torn clothing of their comrades, arranged along the wall like trophies, they realise that they are about to be hunted. They must warn the others. An exciting series, where the tables are turned, the bears being the rulers and the humans, their slaves, should appeal to upper primary and lower secondary kids looking for an adventurous mystery set in a parallel world.
Fran Knight


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