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The way of the warrior by Chris Bradford

cover image (Young Samurai 1) Puffin, 2008.
What an unusual but original book! No wonder it has been long listed for the Carnegie.
I picked this up because I was lucky enough to meet the author recently, and as I used to play Judo, we began to chat. His book sounded so interesting that I bought a copy as soon as I could lay my hands on one, and have since bought a few more!
Jack is the only survivor when a group of Ninja pirates attack his dad's ship. He is taken in by Masamoto Takeshi, and, after saving his son's life, is treated as his son, and sent to warrior school. However, he's an outcast there, and his new 'brother' treats him in the same way as all the other students - as a foreigner, someone who cannot be a real warrior, and give him a hard time.  However, Jack brought something with him from the ship. Something the ninjas are trying to get hold of and will quite happily kill for. Can Jack keep hold of his 'treasure' and finally win the respect of his peers?
This book is brilliant, and teaches you much of Japanese culture and martial arts. It's a story that mixes fiction and history together beautifully. Book 2 is already being advertised on his website, and the trailer for book one is absolutely awesome!
Nikki Heath


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